17 May 2018


SLIPSTREAM Game is Featured on the App Store.

Experience Slip Stream’s latest version on the App Store! Get Ready To Slip…







Slip through obstacles and keep moving forward in Slipstream, a deceptively simple to play but difficult to master game which will keep you coming back for more.













  • Skill Based Gameplay:
    Pure Skill based Gameplay as you learn to navigate through a variety of obstacles
  • Navigate on the Fly:
    Swift decision making is required in order to successfully navigate through obstacles
  • Simple Gameplay:
    Tap either side of the screen to make the character move diagonally in that direction
  • Serene Soundscape and Aesthetics:
    Calm and pleasing Art and Soundtrack
  • New Characters:
    Collect elixirs and unlock new characters to enhance your gameplay experience
  • Haptic Feedback:
    Taptic Engine based Haptic Feedback
  • iMessages Stickers:
    Dynamic stickers with imessage integration.



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